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Logistics Solutions in Foreing Trade 

MAC Commercial Enterprises is a company specialized in foreign trade. We operate throughout the logistics chain with safety, technology and innovation, both in import and export. In addition, we market a line of oriental food products, distributed all over Brazil. We are ready to advise your company on the international market with agility, transparency and competence.

MAC oriental food

Oriental products 

MAC oriental food imports a line of oriental food products, excellent quality, sold to wholesale distributors, specialty stores, major chains and restaurants throughout Brazil. To meet our line, visit the link "Oriental food" in the main menu.  

MAC imports & exports

Imports & Exports at your fingertips

MAC imports & exports provides specialized services for every company or individual, prospecting opportunities in various markets, according to the interests of our customers. We take care of all processes involving the import or export, advising and following all the steps, to better serve the real needs of your business.


In imports, among other services, is held a product research in overseas market, seeking the best equation between the total cost of import, time and quality. Identified the product in question, we bring samples for testing and in case of approval of the same, we advise all the logistics chain, from the monitoring of the production process, loading, unloading, customs clearance, nationalization, to the monitoring of cargo to the final destination.

There are several ways to perform an import, defined by the Internal Revenue Service of Brazil. Contact us to find out what import mode is the most appropriate to better meet your needs.


In export, we advise companies that have a good product and an interested buyer, but need an accredited company with knowhow and knowledge appropriate to provide all the logistical support that will enable them to successful completion of the deal.

We also carry out studies and negotiations for placement of national products in foreign markets. Make an appointment with our analysts and visit our company. It will be a pleasure to help you to place your product at the international market.

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